Network-attached storage (NAS)

EonNAS 3012RC

Highly scalable NAS with dual redundant controllers

Meticulous Infortrend attention to quality and service-focused design arrive on one of the most attractively-priced high availability NAS solutions around. It combines active-active redundant controllers with a unified storage architecture, enhanced ZFS file system data integrity, and simpler management via Global Namespace to offer great return on SMB and enterprise investment.

7 098 $

EonNAS 3016RT

Redundant NAS Protects Data with High Availability Powered by redundant controllers

High availability active-active redundant controllers ensure non-stop performance through powerful unified storage. With its high speed architecture and working on the file and block levels, the EonNAS 3016RT features the ZFS file system and Global Namespace to provide enhanced data integrity and simplified management.

11 492 $
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